AllaCarta n.19 - Signore e signori, Buonanotte


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Good night ladies and gentlemen.
This used to be the cordial and obliging closing phrase heard every day on Italian TV. An Italy of days gone by. This intimate good night, reflection of a communication style that was still affable and courteous, is also the title of a film. And that very film was the inspiration for this new issue of Alla Carta. Signore e Signori, Buonanotte is a collective satirical work, shot by multiple creators, that tells the story of a day in television across 14 episodes. Released in 1976, it is a satirical stance against the powers that be, using what felt like the most powerful means at the time: television.
Here at Alla Carta, we wanted to investigate just what remains of that world today. The audience on one side. The faces of the people who still occupy those sofas perfectly positioned in front of the box, who still cling to the remote control as a sign of authority. Opposite them, the exaggerated and exuberant expressions of TV personalities, more often than not destroyed by plastic surgery.
Examining a media that has long been grotesque and outdated as a way to explore the world of contemporary communication, where the line between public and private, presenters and viewers, has become increasingly blurred. The instruments may change but the violence and cruelty inherent in the power of communication does not. Allegria!


Come dice il saggio: il bisognino fa correr la vecchietta. Dopo il forzato lock down del 2020 (purtroppo!) abbiamo imparato a fare spedizioni sicure, super veloci ed elegantissime. Perché voi a casa vi meritate giustamente il meglio.


Tutti gli acquisti sono impacchettati con carta Todo Modo riciclata. Anche le buste sono in pvc riciclato e, ovviamente, riciclabile. Più sicuri i vostri acquisti, più sicuro l'ambiente, più felici tutti!


Che cavolo di competizione scorretta! Ma voi per chi fareste il tifo in un'ipotetica finale di Wimbledon: Federer o Filini ? Ma è ovvio, Filini! Perchè è più simpatico, più sincero, più umano, più vicino a tutti noi. E perchè ne ha molto più bisogno di Federer.